Undergraduate BSN Degree Completion Options

Course Sequence - Traditional BSN Program (Day and Evening)


First Semester Credits
NUR 200Theory and Professional Practice2
NUR 219Pathophysiology3
1st 7.5 weeks
NUR 220Health Assessment2
NUR 221Health Assessment Lab1
2nd 7.5 weeks
NUR 215Fundamentals of Nursing Practice2
NUR 216Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Clinical3
**One CourseBreadth of Knowledge (A&H, non-US)3-4
SEcond Semester Credits
NUR 218Pharmacology3
NUR 225Medical Surgical Nursing I4
NUR 226Medical Surgical Nursing I Clinical6
**One CourseBreadth of Knowledge (SS-ALAAME)3-4


First Semester Credits
*MTH 147
(if not yet completed)
Statistical Methods4
NUR 300Nursing Leadership and Management2
NUR 305Medical Surgical Nursing II2
NUR 306Medical Surgical Nursing II Clinical4
NUR 312Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing2
NUR 313Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Clinical3
Second Semester Credits
NUR 310Nursing Research2
NUR 325Pediatric Nursing2
NUR 326Pediatric Nursing Clinical3
NUR 380Maternal Newborn Nursing2
NUR 382Maternal Newborn Nursing Clinical3
*PHL 240Health Care Ethics (also counts as A&H)3


First Semester Credits
NUR 415Medical Surgical Nursing III3
NUR 416Medical Surgical Nursing III Clinical5
NUR 425Professional Role Preparation2
**One CourseSocial Diversity
(African American Experience)
Second Semester Credits
lst 7.5 weeks  
NUR 412Community Health Nursing2
NUR 414Community Health Nursing Clinical3
2nd 7.5 weeks  
NUR 420Professional Role Practicum3
**One CourseSocial Diversity
(U.S. Diversity)

(May be taken at any time prior to the Nursing class for which they are pre-requisite)

*MTH 147
(or SOC 354 or COM 303)

Statistical Methods

4 credits

*PHL 240

Health Care Ethics

4 credits

**NOTE: Double Starred Courses indicate General Education Electives.
These courses are NOT required to be taken in the semester in which they are listed and are interchangeable. They can also be taken during the summer. These courses must be completed in order to graduate from Cleveland State University, but may be taken in any semester in which they are offered. A minimum of 120 hours required to receive a bachelor's degree.

​​​​​​​This publication is neither a contract nor an offer to make a contract. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the School of Nursing reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to course offerings and degree requirements.