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Jari Holland Buck, M.A., GPAC



PATIENT ADVOCACY EDUCATOR with 20+ years’ experience in service, community, government, financial, retail and technology corporations. Significant competencies include patient advocacy, program design / delivery, client / organizational assessments, capacity building, coaching, performance management and strategy design / implementation. Regarded as a creative, energetic transformation specialist possessing highly developed problem-solving, collaboration and platform skills coupled with a strong history and desire to serve.




  • Honored to act as a patient advocate for my husband during an eight-month hospitalization in four facilities, six months of which were spent on full life support. He survived, against catastrophic odds, and his healthcare providers accepted me as a valuable partner on his team.

  • Authored, self-published and ultimately, published in 2007 by Llewellyn Worldwide, Hospital Stay Handbook: A Guide to Becoming a Patient Advocate for Your LovedOnes. Launched a national book tour, hosted a health advocacy podcast for 18 months, granted 100+ radio interviews, as recently as July 9, 2011. Book recognized as the Winner in the “Health Fitness for Family” category of Parent-to-Parent Adding Wisdom Award and a Finalist in the “Health” category of Fresh Voices Book Awards.
  • Co-launched national task force to establish uniform credentialing requirements for the field of Patient Advocacy, accommodating current and informing future educational institutions and programs.
  • Designed and escorted governance rulings to consensus for national task force, ahead of need.
  • Served as Associate Program Director and Graduate Faculty for The University of Toledo Graduate Patient Advocacy Certificate for two (2) years.
  • Selected as a member of the 2012 President’s Council - National Patient Advocate Foundation.
  • Recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvements with a full scholarship to attend the 22nd Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care as one of fifty patient activists.
  • Guided development of the University of Toledo Medical Center’s Patient Advocacy Certificate program and Hospital Stay Handbook used as textbook.
  • Authored four (4) of eight (8) courses for University of Miami’s Patient Advocacy test preparation program.
  • Invited keynote speaker for 2013 American Association of Colleges Osteopathic Medicine Annual Conference.
  • Appointed Advisory Board member – University of Kansas Medical Center Otolaryngology.
  • Acknowledged as a contributing author in the fight for patient data by Regina Holliday in Give Us Our Damned Data.

Jari CV


  • Developed community capacity by surveying leadership needs, identifying priorities, recruiting and selecting co-trainers from a Request for Proposal, designing a program template and ensuring interactivity and cross-referencing between all 5 programs. Functioned as Lead Trainer and train 2 of the 5 programs. Promoted this community leadership initiative through bi-state presentations. Certified 85+ community organizers who have completed 50 hours of training, primarily from economically depressed neighborhoods. Continued to provide unpaid support to participants post graduation.
  • Facilitated team building experience for senior staff of for profit and non-profit organizations, resulting in enhanced relationships, recognition of available skills and conscious strategies to access such gifts.
  • Provided ongoing counsel regarding performance management, structured exit and outplacement packages for departing employees, ensuring legal compliance, staged transitions and agency protection.
  • Supported the recruitment process through identification of a new CFO, enabling the organization to respond to urgent financial matters in a timely manner.
  • Taught under graduate / graduate students in Training and Development + HumanResources.
  • Conducted two senior leadership assessments for a privately held automotive wholesaler, resulting in organizational re-structuring, revision of 5 and 10-year plans and prevention of employment - related resignations / lawsuits.
  • Crafted response to and eliminated significant EEOC charge filed by a former employee against a non-profit client. External legal review made no changes to proposed approach.
  • Executed high-level search campaigns for multiple clients, saving time and money for the hiring company as a result of personal knowledge and experience within each organization. Provided top talent and multiple options accompanied by risk assessments and recommendations.
  • Facilitated a bi-state, 12-city government Solid Waste Planning retreat in which commitments for the next 10 years were negotiated.
  • Certified over 250 individuals in Basic and Advanced Facilitation skills.
  • Coached Jackson County Courts and Metropolitan Energy Center to deliver polished presentations.
  • Designed and delivered five (5) program Performance Management series for City of Leawood, KS.



  • Launched Learning Management System (LMS) for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) national trade association, allowing them to deliver “any time, any place, any pace“ education to 7000+ nationally dispersed member companies.
  • Led recruitment activities and conceptualized / executed remote training center that provided position-based training to 6,000 employees over six-months for a 30-store new market start-up.
  • Planned a multi-location Computer Based Training pilot, secured funding and installed units and programs in 210 stores.
  • Co-created / delivered a three-week program for the Department of Veteran AffairsNational Training Center, preparing hundreds of high potential candidates and their mentors for future key positions. Ensured consistency / compliance through formal performance appraisal process.
  • Co-founded citywide Welder's Summit that included 20+ manufacturing employers representing more than 300 available welding positions that led to long and short-range solutions for the national welder shortage and established aggressive welder's pay / training programs in-house.



  • Launched local Healthcare Safety Net Task Force, structuring interactions and limiting time frame for a contentious group with no history of collaboration
  • Bid, developed and delivered customized coursework for MARC in service to local government entities including the Kansas City Green Impact Zone, Head Start Program, Neighborhood and Community Services Department of Kansas City, Bi-State Medical Safety Net Task Force and Bi-State Solid Waste Management Strategic Planning.
  • Authored first employee handbook for printing business and facilitated a joint labor / management sponsorship / approval team without a single grievance and no additional language in the contract to prevent subsequent usage of governing rules or process used.
  • Co-installed a labor-management participation team program in a 5000-employee regional gas/electric public service company, substantially improving the union / company relationship and overall employee productivity / involvement.
  • Planned / facilitated a 600 employee Job Standard creation process that defined full competence,delivered a personal sense of ownership to the incumbents / management as well as market-ready data for comparative pricing.
  • Customized / delivered a company-wide facilitation process, enabling managementto partner with employees in design / implementation of remedies to address survey-identified / organizational issues.
  • Managed the transition to shutdown of two unionized food production plants in Minnesota and Missouri affecting over 400 employees in communities that relied upon this industry.
  • Provided one-on-one phone transition services to 149 candidates, addressing the realities of today’s workplace. Offered variety of support levels based on individual candidate need, length of program and unemployment duration, all focused on rapid deployment to a new work experience. Over a 16-month timeframe, averaged 15-candidate contacts / day. Routinely given the “difficult” candidates, based on experience, skill and approach.
  • Co-negotiated a union contract and severance package in Milwaukee, WI that enabled the company to avoid wildcat strikes and work slow downs. Retained the employees through a 16- month staged shutdown process and maintained positive relations with the union.
  • Addressed a 20-year pervasive neighboring facility toxic discharge that created employee health issues and damaged vehicles. Attempted negotiations with the offending business and resolved the problem by documenting incidences and engaging neighborhood groups, the City Council, City officials and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The result was a multi-million dollar EPA fine and ultimately, facility shutdown.
  • Acted as a liaison / mediator between a university and their Hispanic Advisory Board.
  • Directed the training and support of 500 professionals affected by a Kansas City based gas pipeline transfer / shutdown, allowing the company to avoid substantial litigation and empowering the employees to decide and act on relocation or re-employment.
  • Partnered with 85 extremely vested employees in the organizational realignment of the Eli Lilly international Human Resources function.



  • Oversaw a $5 million budget to a combined 15% savings on average each year for 5 years. Supervised up to 20+ employees and served 50,000 associates in a non-union setting.
  • Directed the human resource function of a $50+ million, 400+ employee unionized, multi-plant, international manufacturing firm.
  • Sought competitive bids and changed client’s health insurance provider, reducing company premiums by 20% and expanding coverage. This was done where the CEO was close personal friends with the CEO of the terminated benefits company, requiring delicate conversations regarding performance deficiencies and future cost savings.
  • Represented Unemployment Compensation perpetual appellant, delivering best Chicago “win” rate.
  • Defined human capital plans through “Search Conference Model” strategic planning processes for multiple clients.