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Community Health Worker Certification Program


Cleveland State University School of Nursing is pleased to present our Ohio Board of Nursing certified program, combining the Community Health Worker certification with the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Group Leader Certification. This program is appropriate for anyone interested in an entry-level position in health care who would like to make a difference in the health of their community.

The Community Health Worker Certification Program is a 16-week course containing 3 essential courses:

Community Health Worker 1: Introduction to the Role

Community Health Worker 2: Care across the Lifespan

Community Health Worker 3: Practicum (130 hours)

To complete the program, participants must attend all classroom sessions (including assignments, texbook readings, online discussion, and in-class participation), complete CPR and Vital Signs Training (included in the program), complete CDSM training and implement a CDSM program on their own with the assistance of a team member, and complete 130 service hours in the community. After the participant has completed all the requirements of the CSU Community Health Worker Program, they will then submit their application (Form A)  to the Ohio Board of Nursing to become certified as a Community Health Worker in the State of Ohio. 

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 What is a Community Health Worker?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Professor Joan Thoman discusses her research in workforce needs for an ever-shifting healthcare landscape.

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